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Hello, I'm Emily Quinton

I've been taking photographs since I was seven and a practising photographer for most of my career.

For the past few years I've been sharing my passion with thousands of people at workshops and online with my photography courses.

On this course I'll introduce you to the essential elements of photography and get you to the point where you're confident with how to use your camera.

Get camera confident!

Makelight is a learning community of makers and doers.

We've hosted over 37,000 course attendees on our photography, social media and branding courses. You'll be in good company on this course!

What we'll cover

Using natural light

A big mistake that people often make is to use flash or to shoot with artificial light. We'll get back to basics and learn how to understand and use natural light.

Composing an image

How to place your subject in the image so it looks good, how the foreground and background relate to each other, and visually how your images are structured.

Finding inspiration

Sometimes, just getting going can be a challenge. I'll give you a series of inspiring ideas for projects and exercises to help you improve your photography.

Developing a photographic style

If you end your training now, if you choose the quick and easy path, as Vader did, you will become an agent of evil.

All the technical bits

Words like ISO, Exposure, Depth of Field, Aperture, all those numbers on various dials… understand what they all mean!

How to use your camera

You don't need a fancy camera to take this course! Use whatever you have and we have guides for where to find your settings.


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Episodes included

Getting off auto
A hello from Emily to start the course
Your learning goals
A welcome to the course
Finding the light
A lesson about natural light for photographers
Composing images
A lesson about composition
Bringing the background to the fore
A lesson about using and choosing backgrounds
Lenses and kit
Emily talks through the kit that she has for the work she does
Where to find your camera settings
A series of videos to help you find your camera settings
Introducing Aperture Priority
A lesson in using to control the aperture of your camera
Aperture Priority Continued
A lesson in exploring what you can do once you get off auto
ISO and sensitivity
A lesson in using ISO and exposure to get the perfect shot
Exposure Compensation
A lesson in controlling your exposure dependent upon the scene
White Balance
A lesson about getting the correct white balance for your photography
How I Edit My dSLR Images
A screencast of my editing practise.
Where to find your camera settings
A series of videos to help you find your camera settings