Pause for Thought

A Makelight online course

The Makelight Pause for Thought is a free two week project will help you to reflect on what you've done over the last few months and what you would like to do with the rest of the coming year. It originally ran in May 2018 and is now available for you to take whenever you like.

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Episodes included

Day 1 : Reflection
Take time to reflect on your year so far.
Day 2 : Where Are You Now?
Taking time to map out and think about where you are right now.
Day 3 : Your Network
Thinking about your network both on and offline
Day 4 : Work/Life Balance
Take time to think about your work/life balance
Day 5 : What Gives You Energy?
Spend time thinking about what gives you energy and what takes it away
Day 6 : Outsourcing, building a team and automation
Look at the things that take your energy away and think about how you could outsource these things
Day 7 : Developing Your Skills
Take time today to look at your goals for this year and think about whether you need to develop any new skills or build on the skills that you already have.
Day 8 : How Does Your Year Look?
Take time to look at your diary and really think about how much work time you have got.
Day 9 : Resetting Your Goals
Reflecting on your 2018 goals
Day Ten : Planning The Rest Of 2018
Take some time to really plan the next few months