Make Your Brand Bloom

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You can create a great brand on a shoestring budget. You just need to get the fundamentals right

This course is co-hosted with Stef Lewandowski, who ran an award-winning design agency for ten years before joining Emily to build Makelight.

With big brand clients including Vivienne Westwood, The V&A, Red Bull, Land Rover as well as small, creative businesses, Stef has a wealth of experience to share with you. 

We'll go back to first principles, establish what you, your business or your project are all about. Then we'll work through how to communicate those fundamentals to the world, whatever stage you are at. Past attendees have found Bloom useful for establishing the fundamentals, working out a name, colours, typography. Others have found it useful for re-assessing where they're at and working on a rebrand or a new direction.

You're not going to come out of this course suddenly proficient as a graphic designer, but you will know what you're about, what you and your work stands for and the themes and ideas that you want to convey to people through what you're passionate about. From that solid foundation you'll be able to work with designers and other creative people to communicate those ideas to your followers or customers.

Episodes included

Welcome to Bloom
The first lesson in Makelight's Bloom course
Your Brand Starting Point
Where are you beginning from?
Taking Stock
A lesson about taking stock of your brand
Your Bubble
Let's take a look at the brands that you associate with right now
Images That Evoke a Feeling
Let's do an image safari
Reference Points
Looking at your references
The Triple Triangle Exercise
A lesson in establishing what your brand is about
Your Essential Words
An exercise in developing those core words about what you do
Dream the dream
A slightly more relaxed exercise for you today
Coming to some essential language you can use to describe what you're about
Ideas through Images
Communicating your distilled ideas through images
How to find the differences between you and others around you
Choosing a name
The first part of our choosing a name series
Considering a name
Ways to approach picking a name
Name shortlisting
Distilling down to a good name
Name picking
Deciding on a name is hard!
Customer language
A lesson about listening to your customers
Briefing a designer
How to communicate what you need from a designer
Choosing fonts for your brand can be hard. Here's how to get started
Brand colours
Using colour to represent your brand
Not just a logo
A lesson about logos, and not logos!
Brand guidelines
A description of your brand and how to make it consistent
Small launches
How launching something small now, helps you make something big later.
Keep blooming
A final lesson for the Bloom course