Makelight Advent

A Makelight online course

A month-long celebration of the festive period that ran throughout December 2017 that's available for you to check out any time.

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Episodes included

Day 1 : Making Your Festive Prop Box
Put together your festive props today, so you're all ready for the season.
Day 2 : Finding The December Light
How to make the best of the light in December
Day 3: Your Christmas Portrait Shoot
Making time for a Christmas portrait shoot
Day 4: Plan Your Festive Social Media
What are you sharing over the festive period?
Day 5 : A Gift For You
Make some time to think about how you could treat yourself this Christmas.
Day 6 : Write A Letter To An Old Friend
Take time to write a letter to an old friend this Christmas
Day 7 : Flat Lays & Fairy Lights
Inspiration for your festive flat lays with fairy lights
Day 8 : A Christmas DIY
Make some time for some Christmas crafting
Day 9 : A Seasonal Walk
Make time to go on a seasonal walk.
Day 10 : A Day Without Your Phone
Day 11 : A Mood Board for the New Year
Take time to create a mood board for 2018.
Day 12 : Photographing Your Tree
Day 13 : Do Something Brave in 2018
Take time to think of something brave you could do in 2018.
Day 14 : Print Some Of Your Favourite Images of 2017
Take some time to print your favourite images of 2017
Day 15 : Inspiration For Your Christmas Table
Inspiration for styling and photographing your Christmas Table
Day 16 : Plan A Moment For You In January
Take time to plan something lovely for yourself in January
Day 17 : Live Christmas Workshop
Join in with today's Live Christmas Workshop
Day 18 : Your Word For 2018
Take time to choose a word for the new year.
Day 19 : Create Your Own Christmas Traditions
Spend some time thinking about the Christmas traditions that I important to you.
Day 20 : Gratitude In 2017
Take time to think about all the things you are grateful for in 2017.
Day 21 : Photograph The Details
Spend some time today photographing your favourite details of your Christmas 2017.
Day 22: A festive meditation
Enjoy taking some time out today for our festive meditation with Gabrielle Treanor
Day 23 : Go For A Walk Without Your Phone/Camera
Day 24: Take a photo to share tomorrow
Merry Christmas! Take one photo today that you can share tomorrow morning and then relax with your family and friends. Thank you so much for joining me for this Makelight Advent. xo