The Makelight Social Media Spring Clean

A Makelight online course

Join me this Summer to give yourself time to make this season full of creativity, growth, self-care and connection. And if you have school-age children, to help make the Summer holidays full of joy not stress. 

Episodes included

Episode One : Where Are You Right Now?
Spend time today writing down some thoughts about where you are right now with your social media.
Episode Two : What Are Your Profiles Looking Like?
It is so important to keep on top of our social media profiles.
Episode Three : Scheduling, Batching and Being In the Moment
Scheduling, batching and being in the moment can all help us to build our social media and fit it into our lives.
Episode Four : The Importance Of Community
The importance of being part of an online community.
Episode Five : Setting Yourself A Challenge
Can you think of something new for you to do on social media? Make sure you challenge yourself.