Blogging For Creativity
Blogging For Creativity

Next weekend I will be attending Blogtacular, a creative conference for bloggers here in London, and as the event has got closer I have been thinking more about blogging and what it means to me right now in 2018, and why I regularly encourage people to start blogging even today when so many people have moved away from blogging in favour of snackable, fast content on social media.

I've been blogging for about ten years for both business and personal creativity. I have built businesses from my blog and blogs for my businesses. I also continue to read blogs both for business and creativity. And also for travel tips, parenting inspiration, self-care help and to learn more about this beautiful but complicated world.

Whatever I am blogging about there is no doubt that it brings me joy to write and create content. It often helps me to make sense of things and I love to share with others, even if sometimes it's just a few people.

Blogging For Your Creativity

If you don't blog or have a dormant blog, here are some thoughts that might inspire you to give it a go.

1. Your little space - having a blog, provides you with your own little virtual space. It is yours to do what you want with and it gives you a place to be creative, to remember things, to work things out and to share with others.

I think it's a beautiful extension of your social media accounts and it definitely gives you somewhere to put all those wonderful images you have that don't make it onto your Instagram gallery!

2. You don't have to check your stats - I do love stats. They help me to see what's working and what I should be doing more or and what people aren't so into. That's great but when you are creating something for yourself you really don't have to check your stats.

If you are blogging for your creativity I think it's wonderful it one other person sees it. Sharing creativity and inspiring others through what you do is a wonderful feeling but don't stress about checking how many people are looking. Do this for the process and joy. Not the numbers!

3. It can fit into your life - the wonderful thing about blogging for yourself is that it can fit into your life. When you are busy you might not be able to blog so much but your space is waiting there for you when you do have the time.

You can decide to create shorter posts at busy times if that works for you. It is your space and your choice and that's what's so lovely about it.

4. Who knows where it will lead - who knows where your blog will lead. It may help you to build a new project or business. It may lead to new friends and invitations to events.

It might inspire you to learn new skills. It is exciting to not know right now but it's also important to not put any pressure on it leading anywhere. Do it for the process and then you will enjoy it so much more. And then I think it is much more likely to lead to somewhere because it won't feel forced it anyway. It will feel authentic, genuine and 100% you.

5. Getting started doesn't have to be difficult - getting started doesn't have to be difficult. There are many platforms to choose from and so many templates you can buy or use for free. I share more on that in our blogging course, The Thread, which is free for Makelight Members to take.

6. Look for inspiration - if you are thinking about starting a blog then spend some time each week looking at blogs that you enjoy and looking for new ones to follow too. I love to use Bloglovin to read the blogs I enjoy and to find new ones too. Spend time looking to see if people you enjoy following on social media have a blog as you might discover some wonderful ones waiting to inspire you.

7. Life your best life - blogging really can help you to live your best life. It can be the encouragement you need to go out and do things, make things, meet people and more.

8. Share it with me! - please share your blog with me in the comments below if you have one already and if you don't have one yet then drop me a line when you do.

Happy blogging. xo

PS If you are at Blogtacular and you see me, please do come and say hello!